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Nomination for The Donkey Sanctuary’s Golden Bray Award for Compassion – May 2016

Nomination for The Donkey Sanctuary’s Golden Bray Award for Compassion – May 2016

by Angela

Nomination: Angie Garner for Compassion

The end of an animal’s life is a very difficult subject to talk about but it forms a very important part of donkey welfare for animals and owners both in the UK and overseas. While many of our staff around the world carry out the unimaginable task of assessing quality of life and giving donkeys the kindest end possible, Angie has worked in the background with exceptional compassion to support them and others with dealing with the loss of a donkey and the impact that has on owners and the vets themselves. Angie gave a presentation at the national BEVA conference last year to give guidance and support to the veterinary profession on bereavement and how to help grieving owners to process their journey. She also worked with our own Donkey Sanctuary vet team and continues to champion euthanasia research with our overseas teams. Angie channels her knowledge and exceptional emotional intelligence in a positive and proactive way through conversations that others don’t like to have; I believe that Angie should be celebrated and thanked for doing so with such exceptional compassion.


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