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Five tips on coping with a pet bereavement

Five tips on coping with a pet bereavement

by Angela


Pet loss can bring a roller coaster of overwhelming emotions and turmoil.  To help with this, here are five tips or core issues to remember.

Recognise that you are going through a significant grieving process, so you need to give yourself the necessary time and space to take on board what has happened.

Rather than try to cope on your own, talk things through with someone who understands, and look at any issues that are worrying you to see if you can find a way of settling them.

Allow yourself to feel what you feel – to truly express your emotions, rather than keep everything bottled up.

Have a care for yourself because the grief process is draining and it is important to keep yourself as well as possible.

Remember that grief is the other side of caring and that you feel the pain because you care. As overwhelming at it may seem, know that as you work through the different seasons of your grief, you will gently but surely progress towards a place of quiet acceptance and healing.

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