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Five tips on coping with a pet bereavement

by Angela
Pet loss can bring a roller coaster of overwhelming emotions and turmoil.  To help with this, here are five tips or core issues to remember. Recognise that you are going through a significant grieving process, so you need to give yourself the necessary time and space to take on board what has happened. Rather than try to cope on your own, talk things through with someone who understands, and look at any issues that are worrying you to see if you can find a way of settling them. Allow yourself to feel what you feel – to truly express your [...]

Presentation at BEVA Congress

by Angela
I presented at BEVA (British Equine Veterinary Association) Congress on 12 September 2015 in Liverpool. My talk was entitled, "Euthanasia - supporting the bereaved equine owner", which was within the context of The Hospitalised Horse. In this I covered: The effects of grief, using an analogy to explain why owners can be so overwhelmed by the process. Supporting owners before, during and after euthanasia, and how to communicate about end-of-life issues with compassion and understanding. Where owners can access further support (the websites of these organisations were included in my Abstract in the 2015 BEVA Congress handbook which each delegate received). [...]
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